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Daily Top 5 #3

Top 5 Nic Cage Character Names

Ever noticed Nic Cage has a rather large collection of badass Hollywood character names?  No?  Well now you do.  Oh and just as a heads up, Rick Santoro, Cage’s character in ‘Snake Eyes’ could not be included in the list because it is one of the worst films I have ever seen.

5. Benjamin Franklin Gates:  If anyone questioned this ‘National Treasure’ character’s commitment to his homeland because of his maverick attitude and blatant disregard for the law, look no further than his middle name.  This film may be just a lesser version of ‘Indiana Jones’ but in the name stakes its streets ahead.  Wouldn’t you agree Junior?

4. Castor Troy:  I know, I’m amazed this didn’t get higher on the list too.  Entangled in as much mythological reference as humanly possible, this face changing bad guy role is surely one of Cage’s finest and the hammed up performance is worthy of a truly epic name.

3. Dr. Stanley Goodspeed: Hmmm, good guy perhaps?  When I was contemplating making this list I switched on the TV to be greeted by ‘The Rock’ featuring Nic Cage in yet another law unto himself do-gooder role.  Just in case Cage didn’t manage to get enough overblown scenes into the film, his flare pose, think heathens begging for forgiveness when the Rapture comes, more than makes up for it.  Truly breath taking. Oh and if you were wondering Goodspeed is a derivative of Godspeed, you know, because he’s adventurous and such.  They could have just cut their losses and gone for Dr. Findy Truthgood.  Please.

2. Cameron Poe:  Brilliant.  If you were having trouble separating Cage from the other inmates in ‘Con Air’ maybe his name can help you.  I mean, what kind of real criminal would be a namesake of a poet?  He’s done his time, grown his hair, and now he just wants to get home to his wife and kid.  Sadly he’s going to have going to have to save the day in between.   The name and the character annoyingly clash though.  Cameron Poe is clearly the name of a well-rounded English gent, not the moniker of a vest sporting, Southern drawling honest American citizen.  Still a well cool name though.

1. Memphis Raines:  I wish this was my name.  So much.  This is Cage’s character in probably the worst film on the list, ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, yet contains one of the best screen names in the history of cinema.  I suppose really, if this wasn’t Cage’s name, this film would offer, well, nothing.  Personally I find it hard to sit for an hour and a half on the premise of “Wahey cars!”  Again, like always it seems, Cage is a lawbreaker but for good reasons and again the directors have ensured that this character is truly American.  Memphis.  He loves cars, women, saves his brother’s ass, and is loved by everyone, what else could he be called but Memphis Raines.

So that’s it.  Nic Cage, hogging the best names that Hollywood have to offer. It could have something to do with a lack of talent, or plot, but I don’t know, you’ll have to take it up with Memphis.

So that’s my list, don’t agree? Leave me a comment.


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