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Daily Top 5 #5

Top 5 (6) BBC Sport Programme Music

Some of Britain’s most loved theme music comes from the BBC’s collection of sports programmes.  These longstanding iconic tunes have, on numerous occasions, bookended epic moments in sporting history and for that reason will always have a poignant resonance for thousands of people across the nation.  Here is tribute list to those infectious melodies that have soundtracked our lives:

6.  Golf:  This classic could have been a lot higher on the list for pure entertainment but alas it’s nostalgia value (for me obviously, I mean, who likes golf as a child?) has resulted in its low position.  If this song had not been selected for its golfing role I like to think it could have easily been the opening credits of some weird seventies sci-fi programme.  Try thinking about William Shatner when you press play…see?

5.  Match of the Day:  I know, ridiculously low down for such an important piece of cultural history.  Having been the focal point of thousands of households’ Saturday night for tens of years, this theme music is buried deep into the mind of every British person regardless of the interest in football.  It’s triumphant and morale boosting, even when you’ve just watched City wipe the floor with United 6-1!  Now that’s some powerful music!

4.  Snooker:  A break away from the classic BBC orchestra style of sport programme theme music, this guitar riff conjures images of Ronnie clearing up with ease, of the Nugget on top form, and Dennis Taylor with his Dierdre glasses on upside down.  I’ve always found a resemblance to ‘Top Gear’ with this tune but thankfully, this music isn’t often succeeded on screen by a knobhead unless, of course, Peter Ebdon is playing.

3.  Ski Sunday:  Possibly the happiest music ever!  If I ever go skiing this song will be on repeat on my mp3 player for as long as I can carry on going.  This one really takes me back, although I’m not exactly certain why.  I’ve never made an effort to watch ‘Ski Sunday’ and don’t really enjoy skiing in general but still this song comes fully charged with nostalgia.

2.  Wimbledon:  The sound of summer is here!  It had to be high up just for those memories of sunny days and epic matches, only marred by Tim Henman’s constant semis (finals that is, you dirty minded bastards) and of course Cliff Richard praying for rain so that he might get a bit of attention.  Bust out the strawberries and celebrate being British before everyone stops caring about tennis because we never win anything. 

1. Grandstand:  Of course it’s Grandstand, what else could it have been?  By far the best sports music ever, narrowly pipping the Champion’s League music to the title.  In its positive notes it encapsulated all that is happiness; a shit load of sport, the realisation that the weekend is here, and the acceptance that you don’t have to do anything for hours and hours except for maybe playing some sport, before returning home to continue watching even more sport!  What’s best about the theme tune is that middle breakdown section where it gets really powerful and heroic.  Thank you Keith Mansfield, for blessing the world with this superlative piece of history.

So there it is, you can see why it had to be a top six.  I hope through reading and listening to this you have been flooded with memories of youth and happiness.  Sadly now, you will have to return to your grown up, Grandstand-less lives and just try to make do with the Sky Sports News music.  I know, I know, it’s not the same but what choice do we have?

Enjoyed this list, or think you’d do things differently?  Leave a comment.


One response

  1. Maff Stenning

    Perfect. Your summing up of the nostalgia associated with every one of these is descriptive enough to make me feel almost like crying because I’m not 9 years old anymore. Especially the Grandstand one. ps having a top 6 merely makes you a double triathlete winner, I see exactly what you were doing there 🙂

    February 1, 2012 at 12:24 pm

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