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Anthony Worrall Thompson -The Dramatisation

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Anthony Worrall Thompson getting busted in Tesco for nicking cheese and wine.  What follows below  is a completely accurate sequence of events which have not been doctored or altered in any way (not entirely true):

“Don’t you know who I am?”  He asked derisibly, as he crammed another block in his chinos pocket.

“My face is on that fucking pasta sauce bottle!”  The security guard looked, and then turned back to the man, a shadow of his heady, sauce days.

“I’ve been on the telly,” he whimpered in response to the security guard stern glare.

“We’ve all been on the telly these days mate” replied the guard.  Wozza quivered and sobbed.  The security guard looked awkward and gave a manly pat on the shoulder.

“Do you think they’ll let me do the quick omelette challenge again?” sobbed Anthony through the tears.

“I doubt it mate,” was the response.  That was the last straw for Wozza, the 2005 Crianza rioja slipped from under his coat and shattered on the floor while Tesco looked around in shock.  The lifeblood of Anthony’s career slowly seeped and hid under the shelves, sheltered from the scrutinizing gaze of the celebrity chef world.

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